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Investing in Communities

“DSPs need a unique combination of skills to support people with disabilities. When they do their job well, they not only transform the lives of people with disabilities, but they also make a vital contribution to the whole community.” This direct support workforce crisis has a multifaceted impact on the community. When there are not… Read more


More Like Teachers and Mentors

“Really, direct support staff are more like teachers, more like mentors. They are doing things with the person and not for the person necessarily. In my son’s case, he doesn’t speak, he uses sign language. So whoever works with him has to learn his signs. It’s not optional.” – Parent of a person with disabilities.… Read more


The Most Alarming Consequences

“The most alarming consequence of high turnover, and the most highly publicized, is the abuse and neglect that results on relying on unqualified and poorly trained staff.” Direct Support Professionals need better training. Most do not come to their jobs with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required of their roles. Federal regulations are largely silent… Read more


On the Backs of Workers

“We were able to deinstitutionalize and provide opportunities for people with disabilities to live in the community on the backs of the workers. We willingly planned and implemented community supports with staff who were being paid less, who had access to less stability, fewer benefits. We did that because of a good thing. We wanted… Read more


Wearing Many Hats

Direct Support Professionals are the paid staff who support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) to live their lives and enjoy the same opportunities and experiences as people without disabilities. DSPs support people in whatever ways they need to enhance inclusion and independence. These workers are employed in many types of settings, including family/individual… Read more



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