Play a role in community living for others.

Every day, the work of personal care assistants, home care providers and family caregivers empowers older adults and people with disabilities to be more independent in their homes and communities. These hard workers make a real impact by assisting with necessary tasks and providing care when needed. The College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving provides training rooted in research, and is designed so that caregivers can effectively provide assistance to older adults and people with disabilities.

With best practices built into our education, DirectCourse will help set the standard of care and assistance across your organization. You can ensure that everyone, at every experience level, is ready to deliver the best care possible for the populations you serve.

The College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving is designed to help.

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Improve care.

You play a vital role in assisting people so they can live more independently. We’re here to help. The College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving gives you the power to increase your knowledge and skills to deliver the best care possible. Every course, from healthy living to emergency preparedness, is filled with best practices and the latest research, which means useful information that you can put to use each and every day.

Learn freely.

The College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving is built on Elsevier Performance Manager to give you control over your own education. You can learn at your own pace by simply logging on from a tablet or computer to access courses anytime. Our interactive training makes it easy and engaging to gain new knowledge, learn new skills and become a more confident caregiver.

Self-directed care.

The flexibility and quality of DirectCourse creates a training environment that nurtures and promotes a self-directed approach to personal care. Choose applicable modules, create customer content and access any time for thorough training that enhances daily life.

Live independently.

Your caregiver or home care provider should respect your rights and your ability to make your own decisions, allowing you to continue to live in your home and community. These are key principles of the College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving curriculum.

Why DirectCourse?

The best content.

The University of California, San Francisco develops the DirectCourse College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving courses to empower personal care assistants, family caregivers and home care providers. Their research on the consumer-directed personal assistance workforce and long-term services and support is key to creating industry-leading training curricula. To make sure that every course keeps best practices in mind, our National Advisory and Editorial Boards also reviews course topics and content.

A trusted platform.

We deliver our content through Elsevier Performance Manager, a premier learning management tool. The platform enables learners to access courses online at any time, and allows training supervisors to add customized content, so you can integrate training into everyone’s current workflow. Elsevier Performance Manager enables learners to meet training objectives at their own pace, enabling team leaders to mitigate risk, demonstrate compliance and improve the learning process for every staff member.

Built for independence.

Assistance and personal care services for people with disabilities and older adults should always be at its best, and DirectCourse makes it simple to improve every day. For every caregiver – from family members to home care providers – we designed courses for the College of Personal Assistance and Caregiving with consistent best practices and care standards at every level. More than outlining simple tasks, we train caregivers in a way that leads to more independent and inclusive lives for people who use personal assistance services.

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